konfAir's ISO Quality Policy

At konfAir we are dedicated to deliver consistent quality to our customers. To guarantee the quality of our products, konfAir is ISO 9001 certified (International Organization for Standardization).

konfAir’s ISO 9001 certification ensures consistent quality to your desired specifications. Likewise, it ensures that high quality is reflected throughout all stages of the purchase process, as well as in our organizational structure. konfAir focuses on customer satisfaction and guarantees top quality delivery.    

As our customer you will experience a high level of professionalism and flexibility in all interactions with konfAir’s employees. We use all the information given to us by our customers to ensure continuous optimization and improvement of our quality.


Our good quality relies on the dedication of our employees. Therefore, we ensure targeted development of each employee’s personal and professional skills. An awareness of quality combined with enterprising and innovative employees are contributing to the development of a quality-oriented corporate culture.

By actively leading the way, the management of konfAir ensures that the value of quality awareness is translated into action. We work towards achieving an open and employee-inclusive leadership style. Through delegation, motivation and managerial consistency, the management raises the company's performance and ensures that the company's quality objectives are met.

We aim to achieve value-added interaction with our suppliers. The requirements we set for outsourcing services are the same requirements we apply to our own services.

We maintain an open dialogue with the authorities and comply with relevant legislation and government requirements as well as other provisions we are required to meet.

We set and pursue relevant and ambitious goals of improvement, which are reviewed at least once a year. Through systematic use of audit results and other collected data, we ensure that quality processes are respected, and system efficiency is continuously improved.