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As the quote “The degree of your company’s eligibility can be measured in reflection of your customers' satisfaction...” suggests, our customers’ satisfaction is very important to us. We value a strong collaboration with our customers and with more than 50 years of experience we offer honest and competent guidance.

Below, some of our customers have commented on their experience with konfAir as a supplier of their filtration and ventilation solutions.



More partnership than supplier relationship


For Henrik Hoff, the relationship with konfAir is more than just a classic supplier relationship. It is much more of a partnership where you have each other's businesses in mind:


– I have experienced that customers reach out to konfAir directly and not through us. It happens to many, but here konfAir stands out. They often recognize our customers and connect them with us again. I really feel they help our business, he explains, adding:


konfAir helps us advise and guide our customers. Price is only one thing but getting the right solution from the start is quite another. It is about creating trust between me and my customers. Trust is very important to me. And in order to deliver a proper product, good suppliers are important. 


We often use the webshop, and it works well. We mostly use the webshop for reorders. It is quick and easy, says the service manager from Technor and continues:

We also often call Søren (Raabjerg, ed.). Most often for inquiries about filter bags - or for knowledge exchange. Many times when dealing with new customers, I call Søren to find the right solution and to hear if we can do something more efficiently


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According to Robert Juul, technical manager at Filterteknik A/S, open dialogue and active sparring are the key to success with a supplier and partner. It has been a success with konfAir, so that together we create valuable filter solutions for the customers.

According to Robert Juul, a good collaboration with a supplier can be defined by several parameters. But some core values ​​stand out across multiple projects:

It is important for us that we have an open dialogue where we can use each other as sparring partners. We come with technical knowledge, but we are also met with technical knowledge at konfAir. It is important to have in-depth knowledge of products and opportunities - and that they dare to recommend selected solutions and materials based on our finances and needs.

With several successful collaborative projects, it is also without a doubt that Robert Juul from Filterteknik A/S passes on his best recommendations:

I would definitely recommend konfAir as a supplier. They are skilled, knowledgeable and good at finding solutions. They were also very flexible when the project was up and running. They could even 3D-print a prototype, so we quickly got started with the test phase and went on from there.


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At IC Miljøteknik, konfAir is a valuable partner that ensures flexibility and delivery reliability for the customers. For the past 20 years, Jesper Hansen has worked with konfAir in various companies and now in IC Miljøteknik.

– One of the great advantages of konfAir is their flexibility. We can order new filter bags express, so our customers can get a replacement as soon as possible. It is significant for the service we provide, says Jesper Hansen, and continues:


– I would definitely recommend konfAir to others. You should choose them because the service is high and they have short delivery times.


 – Jesper Hansen, IC Miljøteknik







Flexible production and efficient solutions are keywords at konfAir. Customers like HiFlux Filtration A/S from Hedensted often experience this when encountering new challenges that need to be solved.

– I especially experience their flexible production when we need something fast - or just one piece. We get most of our filter bags in polypropylene, but sometimes there are some extra requirements when for example we work with nylon instead, says Ole Handberg, Section Manager Sales Administration at HiFlux Filtration A/S.


In addition to the urgent tasks in which HiFlux Filtration A/S involves konfAir, the two companies also have an ongoing everyday collaboration with stock items and ongoing orders.


– It runs almost completely by itself. konfAir always delivers on time. It is nice to have a supplier you can trust. They are the best supplier I have, emphasizes Ole Handberg.

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