konfAir's Vision, Mission and Values


By providing skilled and customized advice, konfAir provides flexible solutions for filtration and ventilation.


At konfAir we want to promote environmental responsibility and a good indoor climate.

At konfAir our values serve ​​as a tool, with a constant focus on our mission and vision. This means that in our everyday life we use our values ​​as a guide for the way we act. Our values are a big part of our DNA and below we have listed some ways in which our values ​​are significant for you as our partner.




konfAir helps you to achieve success in choosing the right filter for your customer.



We provide the best advice and guidance so that you can act responsible and professional in your customer communication.



We make a positive contribution to change and create new practical and flexible solutions for your customer.



Through our engaged and committed employees, we become effectively involved in both you and your customer's needs.



Our flexible setup and ability for quick conversion, ensures value for both you and your customer.



konfAir always offer honest advice and guidance with respect for you and your business.