Leak detection

Leak detection powder and lamps are used to identify leaks in your filter to avoid replacing expensive spare parts. In case of emission from the filter, by adding fluorescent leak detection powder which lights up using a UV lamp, leaks can be located so that you may simply have to replace the affected filter bags.

In new installations, especially with bags for incineration, waste, power plants, etc., you can also choose to test the filter with leak detection before start-up. This is to ensure that there are no leaks and to see if the bags are fitted correctly.


Leak detection

Optimal filter leak detection

For optimal leak detection, the leak detection powder is added directly into the intake of the filter and then settles as a fine, thin layer all over the dust side. The powder has an average particle size of approximately 4 µm and can pass through from the dust side to the clean air side at any leak. After repairing a leak, we recommend that you perform a second powder test. In this second leak detection test, it is advisable to use a different powder color, in order to be able to distinguish between tests 1 and 2.

UV lamps


  • Easy localization of leaks
  • Avoid expensive replacement of spare parts


  • Heat-stable equipment
  • High Performance


For leak detection, konfAir offers 2 different UV lamps - a compact pocket version and a larger model with enough light intensity to scan even the largest filter plant. In addition, we offer fluorescent powder in the colors green, yellow and pink, packed in 4 kg buckets, so they are easy to handle. With its very fine particle size, the powder has an extremely high performance. It has a high viscosity and is heat-stable up to 300 degrees.


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