Screen mesh

A screen mesh is used in a vibrating screen to separate large and small particles for example in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Screen mesh

Achieve high separation efficiency with our precision net

At konfAir, we manufacture cylindrical screen mesh of precision net, which consist of polyamide yarn, also called nylon. With this precision net you get the advantage of a high separation efficiency.


As we cut the precision net on our CAD/CAM cutter, an incredibly high accuracy and quality is achieved in the manufacturing process, which together with the high elasticity of the mesh ensures that the screen is suited to your customer's needs. In addition, we always guarantee an exact mesh size specified in µm.


We also supply screen mesh in metal. If you have a screen that needs a new mesh in metal, we are at your disposal. Like our nylon screens, we can also supply screens in metal that are approved for use in the food industry.


Precision net


  • Custom designs
  • Efficient separation


  • Approved for use in the food industry
  • High quality


Our filter material is selected specifically for each purpose, and we can supply all components for a screen in material that is approved for use in the food industry.



How do I choose the right screen for my customer?

At konfAir, we have many years of experience in choosing and developing the right screen for your customer. We have some in-depth questions about dimensions and application, so that together we can find the right thread size and mesh size that provides the best solution for your customer.

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A proper filtration, along with energy consumption, is often crucial in choosing the right filter for your customer. We help you to success with honest and competent guidance.

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