Andreae filter

An Andreae filter is used for efficient filtration by encapsulating liquid materials and fumes, such as paint, glue, oil and grease. Therefore, Andreae filters are especially suitable for use in for example paint booths. Often the filter is combined with a pre-filter media, for example a paint-stop media that captures the largest particles and thereby prolongs the lifetime of the Andreae filter.

Andreae filter

Achieve effective filtration with your Andreae cardboard filter

An Andreae filter is based on the principle of inertia, which means that the particles are carried by the air flow and trapped in the V-shape of the filter, while the air continues unhindered through the upper holes in the filter. Since the air is not required to pass through the filter material itself, but instead through the holes, the static pressure is kept at a low level, whereby  the energy consumption is equivalently low. The filter also has 3-5 times longer lifetime than fiberglass, as there is no risk of the filter blocking as with a standard filtration.



Andreae filter


  • Low static pressure
  • Long lifetime


  • Energy saving
  • Data sheets on request


An Andreae filter from konfAir is made of a 2-layer "heavy kraft paper". The paper is glued together, punched and folded in a V-shape. The filter is only stocked in one size of 900x9200mm.



How do I choose the right filter for my customer?

At konfAir, we have many years of experience in choosing the right filtration solution and we are always at your disposal if you have any questions or need advice. We have some in-depth questions so that together we can find the best solution for your customer.

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A proper filtration, along with energy consumption, is often crucial in choosing the right filter for your customer. We help you to success with honest and competent guidance.

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